Alan Powell’s Visit to Napa Smith Brewery

April 14, 2015 5:48 pm

After Napa Smith Brewery, a division of Paddington Brands, agreed to sponsor the 2012 Checkered Flag Run, ‘AP’ stopped in to check out our brewing process. After seeing the lab and where all the brewing magic happens, he of course had to sample some of the delicious brew and all its hoppy goodness.

Man 1: Through the fermentation, through the brewing, through filtration, through right beer production, making, everything’s tested accurately. If anything is in question, we pull it, stop everything, test it, and make sure it’s going to be genuine beer.
This is our pilsner.
Man 2: …down there.
Man 1: These are all of our one offs. These are experiments. These are lab work. What we’ll do with this is run it, and then you can actually see what’s going on with our pilsner.
Man 3: This is a very English style pick. Do you know like the west coast? We do things. The English style is very…it’s a really warm [indecipherable 01:05] been drifting to that, mainly because our IPA is exactly what the west coast wants, really hoppy, really high alcohol.
Man 4: …need to build. You need to build a Napa Smith road block. That’s what you’re missing.
Man 6: I’m in Napa Smith, California on my vineyard with my homeys in Cali. Second to none, Phoenix Chapel. Peace.